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Natural Egyptian Loofah

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A chance for you to purchase these big puffy loofah beauties.

These loofah are grown in Egypt and processed here in NZ by The Loofah Patch, they're a very similar texture (slightly scrubbier) to our NZ grown loofah but the shape is quite different as they are about twice to three times as wide.

They puff up and soften considerably when wet for an all over gentle exfoliation. They feel like a big beautiful sponge in your hand.

  • 100% plant fibre that's fully home compostable.
  • Measuring 15cm high and approximately the same width wide
  • Choice of a natural jute or white cotton handle.

For those who've purchased our loofah as a showpiece for their bathroom, these Egyptian Loofah sit flat and look beautiful on their own or within a collection.

The perfect exfoliator - created by nature.