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NZ Loofah Exfoliation Pad

NZ Loofah Exfoliation Pad

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These NZ Loofah Exfoliation Pads are ideal for a gentle exfoliation. Made with natural loofah fibers on one side and soft cotton backing on the other, perfect for those looking for a gentle yet effective scrub that helps achieve smoother, cleaner skin.

Our NZ grown loofah pads is soft and puffy when wet and stiff and durable when dry which makes them suitable for dry brushing. They wear well and last for several months of regular use - Our regular customers usually only need to purchase once a year.

The loofah exfoliation pads measure 11.5cm x 8.5cm x 3cm and come with a soft cotton handle - available in three stylish colours:

  • White & Red Cotton Backing
  • Green & Blue Cotton Backing
  • Blue & Blue Cotton Backing

Made from 100% home compostable materials including NZ grown Loofah, cotton stitching and backing, loofah and soft bamboo fibre filling, meaning you can add to the compost when your done.

Please not that each exfoliation pad will be slightly different due to the variance in loofah fibre consistency and colour and the variance in the cotton material pattern.


What's the difference between this NZ Loofah Exfoliation Pad, the NZ Loofah Body Scrub Pad and the Egyptian Loofah Body Exfoliator Pad?

  • This Loofah Exfoliation pad has a cotton backing with loofah on one side and cotton on the other, they are made with NZ grown loofah.
  • The NZ Loofah Body Scrub Pad is the same shape and size and has loofah on both sides, they are also made with NZ grown loofah.
  • The Egyptian Exfoliator Pad is slightly larger with loofah on both sides and is made with Egyptian grown loofah and is constructed and sewn in NZ.