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Where Does Loofah Come From?


Natural loofah NZ

A loofah is an exfoliating bath sponge that is actually a vegetable grown on land. They are technically not a sponge as they grow on a vine like a marrow and when left to dry the skins are peeled to reveal the fibrous inner which can be used for a majority tasks around the home.

Loofah are great for

  • cleaning / exfoliating the body
  • cleaning around the home such as a pot scrub or cleaning out tubs
  • using as a soap lift for handmade soap to drain
  • they can be added to soap to be used as a foot scrub or a hand exfoliator

The best part is that because they are 100% plant fibre they can be composted when you've finished using them.

There are several different varieties which offer different degrees of scrubiness.

Loofah used to be popular in the 50's and 60's before plastic came along (so my customers tell me), then they were replaced by the plastic shower puff but the problem with these little bundles of plastic fluffiness is that they contain 3.5 metres of plastic netting which is not good for the planet. A softer natural loofah is a great alternative to the plastic shower puff.

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