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How to keep your loofah clean

As with a plastic loofah you need to keep your natural loofah clean so that bacteria and mould don't build up and get transferred to your skin upsetting the balance of good bacteria that's keeps your skin healthy.

The key to keeping your loofah clean is rinsing after every use and allowing it to dry. If you do this each time you use it you shouldn't need to do any extra cleaning but if you do there are several ways to clean your loofah thoroughly:

  1. Use soap or a little body wash to work into the loofah and then rinse out.
  2. Wash in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.
  3. Give your loofah a quick bleach in a bucket - be careful not to leave too long as this will degrade the fibres, no more than 5-10 minutes.
  4. Hang out in the sun, it only take a short while to dry but the sun also has a natural bleaching effect.

So there you have it, a few simple ways to ensure your loofah is clean and lasts longer. We recommend doing this for natural loofah, plastic loofah and exfoliating gloves too.

If you have any tips you want to add, please feel free to email them to me.