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Looking for a unique range of products that you can fundraise with? The Loofah Patch offers schools, clubs and individuals the option to make 15% commission on all items sold through The Loofah Patch Website - Only available in NZ

Our products are earth-friendly and are all made in NZ, our packaging is biodegradable or reusable and we strive to offer our customers something a little bit different. We grow all our own botanicals so we ensure that we are offering high quality items.

How does it work?

Once signed up, you'll receive a special code (or you can get a special weblink) that you can use in your marketing materials. 

You let your followers/newsletter subscribers know that you've partnered with The Loofah Patch and they can use the simple code on our website which will contribute to your fundraising efforts.

15% of all purchases that are made with your code/weblink will go to you. Plus if someone goes to the website but doesn't make a purchase straight away, you will still get the commission if they buy within 90 days.

We use a program that keeps track of the customers that you send to The Loofah Page website, this will tell us both how many people have used your code and how much fundraising you have achieved.

Click here to register in the fundraising program

If you are interested in partnering with us for your fundraising but would still like more information, please contact us.