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A Simple Guide to Exfoliation

Reasons to exfoliate:

    1. To cleanse away dead skin cells.
    2. To cleanse away dirt and grime buildup.
    3. Encourage new skin cell growth and increase blood flow.
    4. To remove old tanning product.
    5. Clean and polish up skin before tanning.
    6. To help smooth out the skin before shaving.
    Clearing away buildup on the skin can help the skin absorb topical products such as skin creams and balms allowing them to be more effective.

      The skin is the largest organ of the body and is exposed to the elements so it's important to find an exfoliating product that is strong enough to cleanse the top layer of the skin but gentle enough so as not to cause any damage and break through the acid mantle which protects the skin.

      Experts recommend that exfoliating in the evening is more favourable than the morning as the skin is at it's most vulnerable to the elements after exfoliating. It is also recommended to only exfoliate every three days, this gives the skin cells a chance to repair and regenerate.


      Exfoliating loofah

      There are a range of exfoliating products:

      • A loofah  - Can be used dry (called dry brushing) or wet with different consistencies for different parts of the body
      • An exfoliating body wash - Either in liquid or hard bar form that has an exfoliant added
      • A body scrub - Usually made from sugar or coffee
      • A body brush - Can be used dry or wet
      • An exfoliating glove - Can be used dry or wet
      • A pumice stone - usually used on the soles of the feet

      How to exfoliate with a loofah:

      • Soak/wet loofah in warm water to soften - if you want to make a loofah really soft quickly, dunk it in very hot water.
      • You can add soap directly to the loofah or lather up on body then begin exfoliating.
      • Starting at the top of the body (the back of the neck) moving in large circular motions and moving down the body. Applying only gentle pressure to sensitive areas like under the arms. Paying special attention to areas like the elbows, knees and ankles.
      • Rinse soap off body with warm water
      • Rinse loofah and hang to dry
      • Pat body dry and moisturise if needed.